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Project by project, we're changing the way traditional funding is done.

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    It’s easy! If you would like to create a project just create an account and logon. Once you see your profile, confirm your password put in a pic and you’re all set . If you would like tomake your project live  just put in your Stripe email then hit save and start raising money.
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    Whatever project you are raising money for, the platform makes it easy to get your project the attention it needs. Our easy to use platform encompasses your video’s, pictures and text with multiple rewards options for donors.
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    Once your media rich campaign is live will help you market your projects by sharing your project. We also have an event section for one time venues like games and concerts.

“ is one of those platforms that gives you freedom to create a great project with an even better cause and share it with people who know you, love you, and support you.”

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For students still in the grade school system check with your school about putting up a project. For college students sign up your team today.

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