Scholastic Crowdfunding-Choosing the right platform

Scholastic Crowdfunding – Choosing the right platform Frank Ferraro The Internet has created many amazing opportunities and one of them is crowdfunding. For those who are not much aware, crowdfunding is to raise money by utilizing contributions from many individuals. Though the concept of crowdfunding has been around for some time, it was used not very often and heard of sparingly. However, with the new legislation that legalizes crowdfunding, it has gained much impetus and is gaining momentum on the internet. This is especially because entrepreneurs have realized the importance of internet as a potent social tool which can be used for fund raising, and since the recession has led to the adoption of tougher lending policies by banks etc. crowdfunding seems to be the best answer to the problem of raising funds. In fact, crowdfunding on the internet seems a much more attractive way of raising funds given the immense number of people that are online and the fact that investors also want to explore new avenues of using their money at the right place. Moreover the success rate of crowdfunding ventures has risen dramatically in the recent times given the increasing inclination of investors to invest in online endeavors. However, many people may wonder about how to start their crowdfunding their project. So it is important to discuss the best ways to get started and the things that are to be kept in consideration when opting to generate funds using crowdfunding. The first thing to keep in mind when starting a crowdfunding campaign is to have a clear idea of the required amount of money and the amount of time needed to generate that money. The next step is to decide what type of method to choose for raising money, whether you need flexible funding or fixed funding to further your project. You might be raising money for a cause or you may want to sell your company stock. So choosing the right platform is important. But the most critical aspect of any crowdfunding campaign is that it relies heavily on marketing so it is very crucial to market your project in the manner to your benefactors. It is important to communicate the importance of this project to you and why you are so compassionate about the venture. This is because people provide contributions to projects that are close to their hearts so it is necessary to make that connect with them. Our site is the perfect crowdfunding platform for  schools, student and coach wishing to raise money for their clubs and teams. You can easily log on to our site and start the funding process immediately. Here are some of the other reasons to choose us. 1. New Site – Since our site is new, we have fresh and insightful ideas on how to best crowdfund a project. Our experts will pitch your project in the right manner so that the desired audience is reached effectively. 2. Marketing Experts – We have comprehensive marketing expertise in crowdfunding which makes it so much easier for project owners to get the right focus for better presentation of their causes. This is because an in house marketing department saves the effort and expense of seeking marketing consultation elsewhere. 3. Exclusivity – We set up appointments with schools across the country to show them how to responsibly raise money for their students. We will work with you every step of the way. We provide much more exclusivity to our clients and all those who submit their projects to us receive a positive response quickly so that you meet all the deadlines of your project in the right amount of time. 4. Low competition – It is our endeavor to focus comprehensively on the projects at hand and we do not have 20,000 projects going on simultaneously as many other crowdfunding sites are known to do. Therefore there is no competition for attention among the various projects that we handle and every project is treated specially. 5. Easy to work with us –We have a personalized approach to project managing which provides complete flexibility which is enhanced by our in house marketing consultancy services personalizes your marketing efforts as well. So it is much easy for the benefactors to associate with the projects they wish to fund and there is no room for any confusion. Therefore our site is a unique crowdfunding platform where every project is considered special and it is our endeavor to ensure through our personalized approach that your dream projects turn into reality. This is because we understand your compassion and strive to help you in having a successful crowdfunding venture. So log on today at to make the most of our excellent crowdfunding services. Frank Ferraro

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